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XAubinH.01 Dec 19621Chemical/FlocPoses with retireeYes
XArcherE.M.22 Mar 19491Leader of OncoYes
XAubeyAlbert15 Jun 19481Riverside MillHorseshoe Board of Directors
XAndersonWilliam04 May 19481Research DeptFly-Tyers Meeting/Community Club
XAndersonCarl30 Apr 19481DirectorSportsman's Club
XAubeDel01 May 19621Cascade Millwrightposes with retireeYes
XAubeConrad01 Feb 19621Cascade MillPoses with retireeYes
XAlbertStanley01 Aug 19611ElectricalWins fishing contest
XAlbertErnest01 Feb 19621Cascade MillPoses with retireeYes
XAlbertRay01 Jan 19631Millwright ForemanSupervised Kraft evaporatorwork
XAlbertRay01 Apr 19631Sulphite MaintenancePoses with retireeYes
XBeginAlfred12 Jul 19491Chemical MillWins fishing contest
XBalserHerb01 Nov 19631Floc PlantPoses with retireeYes
XAubinHenry01 Oct 19621Cascade MachinistPoses with retireeYes
XAubinPaul01 Apr 19621Cascade Elec. Dept.Poses with retireeYes
XAubinPaul01 Oct 19611Cascade maintenancePoses with retireeYes
XArcherTed09 Mar 19481Attended convention on pulp/pape
XBaldwinRobert01 May 19621Upper PlantsPoses with retireeYes
XAubinJoseph21 Feb 19511employeeRetires/summary of his jobs
XBaldwinRobert01 Jul 19621Chemical PlantRetires / storyYes
XBaler09 Aug 19491Bales the hayneeded for 40 woods horsesYes
XArcherTed23 Mar 19481Chess player
XBallF. H.01 Mar 19201Cascade MillAccident
XAlbertGerard01 Mar 19631Truck OperatorLast shift at Burgess Sulphite PYes
XAubeRobert01 Sep 19611Burgess StorehousePlays Boccia at lunch timeYes
XBedardDave01 May 19611Mill LeagueHigh scorerYes2 mentions/photos
XBedardRay01 Mar 19611Bowler
XBedardRay01 Nov 19601Riverside MillChampion BowlerYes
XBedardDave01 Nov 19601Riverside MillChampion BowlerYes
XBasileMary11 Jan 19491BowlerLeader
XAllainHenry04 Apr 19501StudentEquipment installation courseYes
XBasileJoseph21 Feb 19521PromoterDiscusses new Co. Band
XBedardJackie01 Mar 19581The RockettsBerlin Winter CarnivalYesBulletin Cover
XAllainHenry01 May 19621Cascade Millwrightposes with retireeYes
XBasilePerina02 Nov 19481Choral MemberGroup to resume activities
XBedardRay01 May 19611Mill LeagueRunner-upYes
XBasileMary05 Apr 19491AccompanistChorus/aired on wmouOn Palm Sunday
XAubeDel01 Jul 19611Cascade MaintenanceForeman/poses with retireeYes
XAubeDel01 Jun 19611Cascade MillSafety manYes
XAubeAlbert01 May 19611Burgess StorehousePoses with retireeYes
XAldrich01 Oct 19191New Labor Clerk
XBeaudetHenry01 Jun 19621Cascade MillPoses with retireeYes
XAndersonWilliam09 Mar 19481All company chorusBanquet/Hotel Costello
XAndersonAda09 Mar 19481All company chorusBanquet/Hotel Costello
XAubeTheresa05 Apr 19491SingerChorus/aired on wmouOn Palm Sunday
XBedardDave01 Jun 19621Mill LeagueBowling Champion
XBedardRay01 Oct 19611ConstructionWins fishing contest
XBedardRaymond01 Jan 19561MillwrightDropping a suggestion in boxYes
XAubinPaul01 Jul 19631Maintenance DeptPoses with retireeYes
XBabbittBen K.22 Mar 19491SalesmanHonored by associationYes

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

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AubinH.01 Dec 19621Poses with retiree
ArcherE.M.22 Mar 19491
AubeyAlbert15 Jun 19481Horseshoe Board of Directors
AndersonWilliam04 May 19481Fly-Tyers Meeting/Community Club
AndersonCarl30 Apr 19481Sportsman's Club
AubeDel01 May 19621poses with retiree
AubeConrad01 Feb 19621Poses with retiree
AlbertStanley01 Aug 19611Wins fishing contest
AlbertErnest01 Feb 19621Poses with retiree
AlbertRay01 Jan 19631Supervised Kraft evaporator
AlbertRay01 Apr 19631Poses with retiree
BeginAlfred12 Jul 19491Wins fishing contest
BalserHerb01 Nov 19631Poses with retiree
AubinHenry01 Oct 19621Poses with retiree
AubinPaul01 Apr 19621Poses with retiree
AubinPaul01 Oct 19611Poses with retiree
ArcherTed09 Mar 19481Attended convention on pulp/pape
BaldwinRobert01 May 19621Poses with retiree
AubinJoseph21 Feb 19511Retires/summary of his jobs
BaldwinRobert01 Jul 19621Retires / story
Baler09 Aug 19491needed for 40 woods horses
ArcherTed23 Mar 19481
BallF. H.01 Mar 19201Accident
AlbertGerard01 Mar 19631Last shift at Burgess Sulphite P
AubeRobert01 Sep 19611Plays Boccia at lunch time
BedardDave01 May 19611High scorer
BedardRay01 Mar 19611
BedardRay01 Nov 19601Champion Bowler
BedardDave01 Nov 19601Champion Bowler
BasileMary11 Jan 19491Leader
AllainHenry04 Apr 19501Equipment installation course
BasileJoseph21 Feb 19521Discusses new Co. Band
BedardJackie01 Mar 19581Berlin Winter Carnival
AllainHenry01 May 19621poses with retiree
BasilePerina02 Nov 19481Group to resume activities
BedardRay01 May 19611Runner-up
BasileMary05 Apr 19491Chorus/aired on wmou
AubeDel01 Jul 19611Foreman/poses with retiree
AubeDel01 Jun 19611Safety man
AubeAlbert01 May 19611Poses with retiree
Aldrich01 Oct 19191
BeaudetHenry01 Jun 19621Poses with retiree
AndersonWilliam09 Mar 19481Banquet/Hotel Costello
AndersonAda09 Mar 19481Banquet/Hotel Costello
AubeTheresa05 Apr 19491Chorus/aired on wmou
BedardDave01 Jun 19621Bowling Champion
BedardRay01 Oct 19611Wins fishing contest
BedardRaymond01 Jan 19561Dropping a suggestion in box
AubinPaul01 Jul 19631Poses with retiree
BabbittBen K.22 Mar 19491Honored by association
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