Brown Bulletin Index

XBaldwinMr.01 Jun 19279Ex. CommitteePhilotechnical Society
XArsenaultAlice Veronica01 Sep 19309Married Stanley W. Haney
XArsenaultAndy01 Jul 19269Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAndersonIngwald01 Mar 19239local skierskied at RevelstokeBritish Columbia
XArsenaultB.F. Jockey01 Feb 19289
XBartonMr.01 May 19219Chemical Mill
XAndersonHattie01 Sep 19299Upper Plants
XBakerFlorence and Anna01 Nov 19299Towel Room
XAndersonGustav01 Jun 19299First CashierScandinavian Sick Benefir soc.Article
XAlbertRay01 May 19589Millwright ForemanSafety Award storyYes
XBaseball Game & Parade01 Sep 19239Full pageYes
XBedardJimmie01 Mar 19259Sells eggs
XBedardJames01 Oct 19199CascadeMachine Tender #7 wrapper
XArsenaultAlice01 Mar 19319Riverside Towel Room
XAlbertVal01 Jul 19569On CommitteeAnnual negotiation committeefor the union
XAndersonMary01 Sep 19299Upper Plants
XBaldwinJohn01 Jan 19249Indemnity recepient
XAndersonS. Mr.01 Dec 19219Research DeptTransfer
XBaldessaraVincenza Mrs.01 Jan 19249Indemnity recepient
XBelangerRosie01 Jun 19249Riverside mill
XBaldassaraJames01 Oct 19529PresidentBrown Co. Band
XAndersonMiss01 Jul 19239Research DeptGave supper for the Jolliettes
XBartonC. B.01 Mar 19229At head tableGet-Together club Banquet
XBakerBill01 May 19589Chief Const. EngineerSafety Award story
XArnesonThorvald01 Sep 19549Burgess Machine ShopUnsung Heroes of ProductionArticle
XBartonC.B.01 Oct 19279Chemical Mill
XArsdelW.B.01 Sep 19249Research
XArsenault01 Jun 19289Machine ShopYes
XArsenaultGil.01 Feb 19299Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XBedardHenry01 Jun 19249Riverside mill
XArsenaultJohn D.01 Jul 19199Cascade MillTrip
XArsenaultJohn D.01 Aug 19199Cascade MillMotorcycle stolen
XArsenaultJos. B.01 Jan 19249Riverside MillObit
XArsenaultJoseph01 Apr 19279Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XBellLeslie01 Oct 19569Berlin Mills RRAttends Industrial Man. Conf.
XAlboughKathleen01 Nov 19279Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAlboughKathleen01 Feb 19319Planning & Engineering
XArsenaultJulia Mrs.01 Jan 19249Indemnity recepient
XAldrich01 Mar 19269Tube Mill
XAldrich01 Jul 19199Cascade MillManaged outing fund
XArsenaultLouis01 Mar 19299Tube MillPlays checker
XAdamsAl01 Aug 19579EngineerStory about the work of engineeYes
XArsenaultJoe01 Jan 19249Indemnity recepient
XAlboughCatherine01 Oct 19269Nibroc News
XBaylorChas.01 Mar 19319Paper Mach. RoomGot injured
XBasileJoseph01 Oct 19529LibrarianBrown Co. Band
XAndersonEdward01 Jul 19269Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAndersonEdw.01 Mar 19309Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAlbertJohn01 Aug 19259Sulphite MillPromotion
XBelangerRaymond01 Jul 19569On CommitteeAnnual negotiation committeefor the union

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

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BaldwinMr.01 Jun 19279Philotechnical Society
ArsenaultAlice Veronica01 Sep 19309Married Stanley W. Haney
ArsenaultAndy01 Jul 19269Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AndersonIngwald01 Mar 19239skied at Revelstoke
ArsenaultB.F. Jockey01 Feb 19289
BartonMr.01 May 19219
AndersonHattie01 Sep 19299
BakerFlorence and Anna01 Nov 19299
AndersonGustav01 Jun 19299Scandinavian Sick Benefir soc.
AlbertRay01 May 19589Safety Award story
Baseball Game & Parade01 Sep 19239Full page
BedardJimmie01 Mar 19259Sells eggs
BedardJames01 Oct 19199Machine Tender #7 wrapper
ArsenaultAlice01 Mar 19319
AlbertVal01 Jul 19569Annual negotiation committee
AndersonMary01 Sep 19299
BaldwinJohn01 Jan 19249Indemnity recepient
AndersonS. Mr.01 Dec 19219Transfer
BaldessaraVincenza Mrs.01 Jan 19249Indemnity recepient
BelangerRosie01 Jun 19249
BaldassaraJames01 Oct 19529Brown Co. Band
AndersonMiss01 Jul 19239Gave supper for the Jolliettes
BartonC. B.01 Mar 19229Get-Together club Banquet
BakerBill01 May 19589Safety Award story
ArnesonThorvald01 Sep 19549Unsung Heroes of Production
BartonC.B.01 Oct 19279
ArsdelW.B.01 Sep 19249
Arsenault01 Jun 19289
ArsenaultGil.01 Feb 19299Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
BedardHenry01 Jun 19249
ArsenaultJohn D.01 Jul 19199Trip
ArsenaultJohn D.01 Aug 19199Motorcycle stolen
ArsenaultJos. B.01 Jan 19249Obit
ArsenaultJoseph01 Apr 19279Burgess Relief Assoc.
BellLeslie01 Oct 19569Attends Industrial Man. Conf.
AlboughKathleen01 Nov 19279Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AlboughKathleen01 Feb 19319
ArsenaultJulia Mrs.01 Jan 19249Indemnity recepient
Aldrich01 Mar 19269
Aldrich01 Jul 19199Managed outing fund
ArsenaultLouis01 Mar 19299Plays checker
AdamsAl01 Aug 19579Story about the work of enginee
ArsenaultJoe01 Jan 19249Indemnity recepient
AlboughCatherine01 Oct 19269
BaylorChas.01 Mar 19319Got injured
BasileJoseph01 Oct 19529Brown Co. Band
AndersonEdward01 Jul 19269Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AndersonEdw.01 Mar 19309Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AlbertJohn01 Aug 19259Promotion
BelangerRaymond01 Jul 19569Annual negotiation committee
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