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X01 Feb 19318
X4-Jul191901 Jul 19191Recep. & Celebration/paradeComm. Returned soldiers
X8 Chevaux/40 Hommes01 Feb 192313Refers to post WW1 organizationYesCartoon
XAasenHelma01 Jul 192511Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAasenHelma01 Jun 192515Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc,
XAbbotHarry01 Jul 19194Electric Dept.Fishing
XAbbotGeorge01 Oct 19233OrganizedOutingGet-Together club
XAbbot Brook01 Feb 19554Camp interiorToday's Modern LumberjacksYes
XAbbottHam01 Jul 19284FishermanMentioned in story by L. Paine
XAbbottHam01 Jun 19279Mentioned in Clinch article
XAbbottGeorge P.01 Oct 19235PresidentGet-Together Club
XAbbottGeorge Mrs.01 Jul 192810Prize WinnerMain Office outing/Cedar Lake
XAbbottGeorge01 Oct 192310Procured article on turbines
XAbbottGeorge01 Jun 192417Honor Tablefarewell party for Ralph McKinne
XAbbottHarry01 Apr 192826Electrical DeptSafety-Committee
XAbbottHarry L.01 Jun 192114Of LaTuqueVisited
XAbbottMr.01 Apr 19277Supert. Of power
XAbbottMrs.01 Oct 193021MemberOver-fifty club
XAbbottOsmas01 Jul 192813Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAbbottWalter01 Oct 192519StudentBrown School 1884Yes
XAbbottWillie01 Jun 19284Fishing PartyPhoto at Long Pond (Christine LaYes
XAbbottGeorge P.08 Aug 19501Power/Steam etc.Died/work history
XAbbottCarroll E.01 Sep 19585Pulpwood DealerFrom Bethel, Me. / DiedYes
XAbbottGeorge01 Jun 192312Worked on programDance/EntertainmentGet-Together club
XAbbottGeorge01 Oct 19228Sulphite Mill
XAbbott01 Nov 19195Cascade MillAtt. Super.'s Lunch
XAbbottEd.01 Jun 193023MemberGrand Army /RepublicPhoto on page 13
XAbbottEdward M.01 May 192716Charter MemberFrancis D.Green Post 32 1888
XAbbottG. Parker Mr.01 May 19216Attended car show
XAbbottG.P.01 Aug 19255DirectorAndroscoggin Valley Ctry Club
XAbbottGeo.01 Jul 19285FishermanMentioned in story by L. Paine
XAbbottGeo.01 Jan 192217Subject ofYesCartoon
XAbbottGeo.01 Sep 192211CommitteeOuting Bryant's Pond, Me.Get-Together Club
XAbbottGeorge01 Nov 192917StudentMarston School 1901Yes
XAbbottGeorge01 Dec 192524Electrical Dept.
XAbbottGeorge01 Sep 192520Electrical Dept.
XAbbottGeorge01 Mar 19266Main Office
XAbbottGeorge01 Jul 192723Supplied picture
XAbbottGeorge01 Jul 192824
XAbbottGeorge01 Jan 192910Sulphite MillAttended Annual Dinner
XAbbott Brook Camps01 Oct 19525Logging campsAre portableYes
XAbbott House01 Apr 192617Mentioned in Milan article
XAbelliArt01 Jan 195822Basketball PlayerBrown Co. TeamYes
XAbelliArt01 Mar 19558Basketball playerYes
XAbelliRita01 Nov 195319Towel RoomOut sick
XAbramsonSonia Miss01 Nov 192819Research DeptLeft to work in Boston
XAbramsonSonia01 Mar 19268Research Dept.Party at Y.M.C.A./Participant
XAbramsonSonia01 Apr 192616ActorResearch TableauYes
XAbramsonRobert01 Dec 19263BowlerYMCA League
XAbramsonMiss01 Sep 192617Research DeptOn vacation

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01 Feb 19318
4-Jul191901 Jul 19191Recep. & Celebration/parade
8 Chevaux/40 Hommes01 Feb 192313Refers to post WW1 organization
AasenHelma01 Jul 192511Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AasenHelma01 Jun 192515Brown Co. Relief Assoc,
AbbotHarry01 Jul 19194Fishing
AbbotGeorge01 Oct 19233Outing
Abbot Brook01 Feb 19554Today's Modern Lumberjacks
AbbottHam01 Jul 19284Mentioned in story by L. Paine
AbbottHam01 Jun 19279Mentioned in Clinch article
AbbottGeorge P.01 Oct 19235Get-Together Club
AbbottGeorge Mrs.01 Jul 192810Main Office outing/Cedar Lake
AbbottGeorge01 Oct 192310Procured article on turbines
AbbottGeorge01 Jun 192417farewell party for Ralph McKinne
AbbottHarry01 Apr 192826Safety-Committee
AbbottHarry L.01 Jun 192114Visited
AbbottMr.01 Apr 19277
AbbottMrs.01 Oct 193021Over-fifty club
AbbottOsmas01 Jul 192813Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AbbottWalter01 Oct 192519Brown School 1884
AbbottWillie01 Jun 19284Photo at Long Pond (Christine La
AbbottGeorge P.08 Aug 19501Died/work history
AbbottCarroll E.01 Sep 19585From Bethel, Me. / Died
AbbottGeorge01 Jun 192312Dance/Entertainment
AbbottGeorge01 Oct 19228
Abbott01 Nov 19195Att. Super.'s Lunch
AbbottEd.01 Jun 193023Grand Army /Republic
AbbottEdward M.01 May 192716Francis D.Green Post 32 1888
AbbottG. Parker Mr.01 May 19216Attended car show
AbbottG.P.01 Aug 19255Androscoggin Valley Ctry Club
AbbottGeo.01 Jul 19285Mentioned in story by L. Paine
AbbottGeo.01 Jan 192217Subject of
AbbottGeo.01 Sep 192211Outing Bryant's Pond, Me.
AbbottGeorge01 Nov 192917Marston School 1901
AbbottGeorge01 Dec 192524
AbbottGeorge01 Sep 192520
AbbottGeorge01 Mar 19266
AbbottGeorge01 Jul 192723Supplied picture
AbbottGeorge01 Jul 192824
AbbottGeorge01 Jan 192910Attended Annual Dinner
Abbott Brook Camps01 Oct 19525Are portable
Abbott House01 Apr 192617Mentioned in Milan article
AbelliArt01 Jan 195822Brown Co. Team
AbelliArt01 Mar 19558
AbelliRita01 Nov 195319Out sick
AbramsonSonia Miss01 Nov 192819Left to work in Boston
AbramsonSonia01 Mar 19268Party at Y.M.C.A./Participant
AbramsonSonia01 Apr 192616Research Tableau
AbramsonRobert01 Dec 19263YMCA League
AbramsonMiss01 Sep 192617On vacation
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