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XBarton01 Feb 192210Member: Grandpa Bowling Team
XAldrich01 Oct 19191New Labor Clerk
XBacon Speed01 Nov 192919Tube MillSubject of cartoonYes
XBacon Langford01 Mar 19299Tube Mill
XAtwood01 Aug 19289Physical Dir.Berlin Young Men's Assoc.Camp Gordon
XBacon01 Nov 192919Tube MillMentioned in poem
XBarking Plant07 Feb 19521Nears CompletionYes
XBeloit Machine22 Aug 19511First for companyA new paper machine
XAgrodnia01 Mar 193118'Girls Basketball player
XAgrodnia01 Dec 193019Basketball playerBerlin High School Team
XAgrodnia01 Dec 193019Basketball playerAlumni Team
XBarking Drums01 Dec 19525NewYes
XAerial Survey18 May 19481Company first in the nation to u
XBaby Contest01 Apr 192213Photos of 16 babiesYesno names pages 13 & 14
XAdvertisements01 Aug 195314ProductsDifferent Ads for magazinesYes
XBarbin01 Nov 192510Cutter Room
XBarbin01 Jan 192915Cascade TeamPlays hockey
XBeattie01 Feb 193022Tube Mill
XArmstrong01 Jun 192712Sulphite Mill
XBellefeuille01 Mar 193021Entertainer
XArmistice Day01 Nov 19241Cover of Brown BulletinYes
XAlbert Theatre01 Feb 192112Kid's Xmas PartyBy The Burgess Relief Fund
XBanquet of the Berlin Mills R.R.01 May 193019Subject of cartoonYes
XAlbert Theatre01 Jan 192011Xmas Party
XAlbert Theatre Baseball Team01 Jul 19287In 1907/with namesYes
XAlbert Triplets31 May 19494On radio program
XAldrich01 Mar 19269Tube Mill
XAsselin Brothers01 Jun 192917Boxer
XAldrich01 Jul 19199Cascade MillManaged outing fund
XAldrich01 Feb 19234Sulphite MillSubjects of cartoonYes
XAstle01 Jan 192414Cascade MillBoosters for the Bulletin
XAdvantages of Evening Schools01 Jan 19243Article by Margaret T. Mahaney
XBaby Contest01 Jun 192212List of prizesYes13 photos P. 12 & 13
XBaby Contest01 Aug 1922574 ContestantsWinners
XBennett01 Jul 19267Tube Mill
XBennett01 Oct 19218Baseball gameGet-Together Club
XBeaudoin01 Jul 192816Reforestation crewYes
XBeaudoin01 May 19214Sulphite Mill
XBeaudoin01 Oct 192111EntertainerCel. Silver Anniversary
XBeaudoin01 Feb 19236Grocery StoreStore Clerk's outingWashed dishes
XBeaudoin01 Mar 193014Main Office
XBeaudoin01 Feb 193118Riverside mill
XBaby Contest-Pictures01 May 192212Yes13 photos/pages 12&13
XBartletts01 Feb 192916Mentioned/Joseph Preo Obit
XBeaudoin01 Mar 193015
XBeaudoin01 Apr 193020Upper Plants2 mentions
XAllaire01 Jul 192822Plays ballBaseball Team
XBelanger01 Nov 19199Riverside Mill
XBeaudoin01 Dec 193011Riverside Mill
XArcher01 Jan 195315BowlerYes

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

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Barton01 Feb 192210Member: Grandpa Bowling Team
Aldrich01 Oct 19191
Bacon Speed01 Nov 192919Subject of cartoon
Bacon Langford01 Mar 19299
Atwood01 Aug 19289Berlin Young Men's Assoc.
Bacon01 Nov 192919Mentioned in poem
Barking Plant07 Feb 19521Nears Completion
Beloit Machine22 Aug 19511A new paper machine
Agrodnia01 Mar 193118Girls Basketball player
Agrodnia01 Dec 193019Berlin High School Team
Agrodnia01 Dec 193019Alumni Team
Barking Drums01 Dec 19525
Aerial Survey18 May 19481Company first in the nation to u
Baby Contest01 Apr 192213Photos of 16 babies
Advertisements01 Aug 195314Different Ads for magazines
Barbin01 Nov 192510
Barbin01 Jan 192915Plays hockey
Beattie01 Feb 193022
Armstrong01 Jun 192712
Bellefeuille01 Mar 193021
Armistice Day01 Nov 19241Cover of Brown Bulletin
Albert Theatre01 Feb 192112By The Burgess Relief Fund
Banquet of the Berlin Mills R.R.01 May 193019Subject of cartoon
Albert Theatre01 Jan 192011Xmas Party
Albert Theatre Baseball Team01 Jul 19287In 1907/with names
Albert Triplets31 May 19494On radio program
Aldrich01 Mar 19269
Asselin Brothers01 Jun 192917
Aldrich01 Jul 19199Managed outing fund
Aldrich01 Feb 19234Subjects of cartoon
Astle01 Jan 192414Boosters for the Bulletin
Advantages of Evening Schools01 Jan 19243Article by Margaret T. Mahaney
Baby Contest01 Jun 192212List of prizes
Baby Contest01 Aug 19225Winners
Bennett01 Jul 19267
Bennett01 Oct 19218Baseball game
Beaudoin01 Jul 192816Reforestation crew
Beaudoin01 May 19214
Beaudoin01 Oct 192111Cel. Silver Anniversary
Beaudoin01 Feb 19236Store Clerk's outing
Beaudoin01 Mar 193014
Beaudoin01 Feb 193118
Baby Contest-Pictures01 May 192212
Bartletts01 Feb 192916Mentioned/Joseph Preo Obit
Beaudoin01 Mar 193015
Beaudoin01 Apr 193020
Allaire01 Jul 192822Baseball Team
Belanger01 Nov 19199
Beaudoin01 Dec 193011
Archer01 Jan 195315
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