Brown Bulletin Index

XBakerAnna01 Mar 192918Towel Room
XBedardBeatrice01 Sep 192924Cutter Room
XBelangerSleepy01 Sep 193022Chemical Mill
XBelangerToby01 May 193023Chemical Mill
XBakerAnna01 Feb 193024Towel Room
XBakerAnna01 Aug 193011Towel room
XAndresenMr.01 Dec 193010Riverside Mill
XAlphonseSammy01 Dec 192821Maintenance Dept
XAlphonseSammy01 Sep 192926Maintenance Dept
XAlphonseSammy01 Oct 192927Maintenance
XAlphonseSammy01 Aug 192917Maintenance Dept
XAlphonseSammy01 Jun 192926Planning & Eng. Dept
XAlphonseSammy01 Nov 192916Maintenance
XAlphonseSammy01 Jul 192912Maintenance Dept
XBelanger01 Nov 19199Riverside Mill
XBelanger01 Nov 19208Sulphite Mill
XBakerAnna01 Dec 192926Towel room
XBakerAnna01 May 193110Towel Room
XAndresFred01 May 192925Maintenance
XAndresen01 Apr 192215Cascade Mill
XBakerAnna01 Dec 193011Towel Room
XBakerAnna01 Apr 192822Towell room
XAmerican Legion Christmas Party01 Jan 193116Yes
XBedardEd01 Dec 192618Tube Mill
XBakerAnna01 Jul 19286Riverside Mill
XAmerican Cemetery/France01 Jun 19249Yes
XBelanger01 May 192510Chemical Mill
XBakerAnna01 May 193021Towel Room
XBakerAnna01 Feb 193117Riverside Mill
XAlphonseSammy01 Jan 192914Maintenance2 mentions
XBelangerArchie01 Aug 192813Sulphite Mill
XAlphonseSam01 Mar 193020Maintenance Dept.
XBelangerCamille01 Dec 192725Printing Dept
XBelangerCamille01 Nov 192510Cutter Room
XBelangerCarmelia01 Apr 19266Cutter Room
XBakerCharles01 Oct 192818Upper Plants
XBelangerCharles01 May 192717Chemical Mill
XBelangerCharles01 Apr 192511Chemical Mill
XAughertonHaze01 Apr 192716Boxer
XBelangerChas.01 Aug 192819Chemical Mill
XBedardAlbert01 Mar 192910Tube mill
XAndresenThorwald01 May 19258Cascade Mill
XBartonCharley06 Jun 19194Garden
XBelangerCorinne01 Oct 192811Cutter Room
XAughertonCake-eater01 Aug 19309Boxer
XAughertonHaze01 Feb 192723Boxer
XBelangerCamila01 Sep 192924Cutter Room
XAlphonseSam01 Aug 193012Maintenance
XBakerAnna01 Jul 193023Towel Room
XAlphonseSam01 Feb 192922Boiler House

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

Last Name sort downsort upFirst Name sort downsort upDate sort downsort upPage sort downsort upEvent sort downsort up
BakerAnna01 Mar 192918
BedardBeatrice01 Sep 192924
BelangerSleepy01 Sep 193022
BelangerToby01 May 193023
BakerAnna01 Feb 193024
BakerAnna01 Aug 193011
AndresenMr.01 Dec 193010
AlphonseSammy01 Dec 192821
AlphonseSammy01 Sep 192926
AlphonseSammy01 Oct 192927
AlphonseSammy01 Aug 192917
AlphonseSammy01 Jun 192926
AlphonseSammy01 Nov 192916
AlphonseSammy01 Jul 192912
Belanger01 Nov 19199
Belanger01 Nov 19208
BakerAnna01 Dec 192926
BakerAnna01 May 193110
AndresFred01 May 192925
Andresen01 Apr 192215
BakerAnna01 Dec 193011
BakerAnna01 Apr 192822
American Legion Christmas Party01 Jan 193116
BedardEd01 Dec 192618
BakerAnna01 Jul 19286
American Cemetery/France01 Jun 19249
Belanger01 May 192510
BakerAnna01 May 193021
BakerAnna01 Feb 193117
AlphonseSammy01 Jan 192914
BelangerArchie01 Aug 192813
AlphonseSam01 Mar 193020
BelangerCamille01 Dec 192725
BelangerCamille01 Nov 192510
BelangerCarmelia01 Apr 19266
BakerCharles01 Oct 192818
BelangerCharles01 May 192717
BelangerCharles01 Apr 192511
AughertonHaze01 Apr 192716
BelangerChas.01 Aug 192819
BedardAlbert01 Mar 192910
AndresenThorwald01 May 19258
BartonCharley06 Jun 19194
BelangerCorinne01 Oct 192811
AughertonCake-eater01 Aug 19309
AughertonHaze01 Feb 192723
BelangerCamila01 Sep 192924
AlphonseSam01 Aug 193012
BakerAnna01 Jul 193023
AlphonseSam01 Feb 192922
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