Brown Bulletin Index

XBartonMr.01 Apr 19194
XBenoitFrank01 Apr 19192Electric Shop
XDugganJack01 Apr 19191Digester House
XMarvoisJohn01 Apr 19194
XLeGassie01 Apr 19194Manning Boiler Room Crew
XFaganJim01 Apr 19191Business Manager of MinstrelsBanquetRelief Assn.
XMcLellanHerbert01 Apr 19192Electric Shop
XCorbinW. E.01 Apr 19191Supt. CascadeBanquetRelief Assn.
XCollabelliFrank01 Apr 19192TrombonistBand rehearsal
XQuebec River Driving01 Apr 19193River DrivingFull page article
XRahmanopF. W.01 Apr 19191ToastmasterBanquetRelief Assn.
XRahmanopMr.01 Apr 19194
XRaeburn01 Apr 19191DirectorBanquetRelief Assn.
XShipmanL. H.01 Apr 19194Writer of letter
XHullA. K. Mrs.01 Apr 19191Prepared MenuBanquetRelief Assn.
XSpearH. G.01 Apr 19191SpeakerBanquetRelief Assn.
XStevens01 Apr 19192LeaderBand Rehearsal
XWood01 Apr 19194Manning Boiler Room Crew
XWashburnDave01 Apr 19194
XTrembly01 Apr 19194Manning Boiler Room Crew
XVictory Loan01 Apr 19194Article
XYoung01 Apr 19206Woods Dept.
XWhitcombHarold01 Apr 19206Forestry Dept.
XEdwardsMr.01 Apr 19205Chief Engineer
XForemanWhat is a01 Apr 192012Story on
XEllis01 Apr 19206Sulphite Dept.
XFogerty01 Apr 19203Story on limestone
XFleuryL.01 Apr 19201Hockey playerWent to LaTuque
XElliottMr.01 Apr 19205
XFagan01 Apr 19203Story on limestone
XFleury01 Apr 19202Hockey playerGame in Canada
XEagenJ. H.01 Apr 19207Tube Mill
XFogartyJohnny01 Apr 19206Chemical Mill
XBrewerByron01 Apr 19207Tube Mill
XBrownOrrin01 Apr 19205Electrical Dept. HelperTransfer
XBrownPaddy01 Apr 19206Woods Dept.
XBrawnF. W.01 Apr 19205Sulphite Dept.Was presented gold watch
XBrownD. P.01 Apr 19202On trainGame in Canada
XBrownD. P.01 Apr 19201Hockey gamesMade trip possible
XBrownG.01 Apr 19201Hockey playerWent to LaTuque
XBostwickConstance01 Apr 19208Kream Krisp Dept.Tonsilitis
XBrownG.01 Apr 19202Hockey playerGame in Canada
XLacroix01 Apr 19202Hockey playerGame in Canada
XLauzeJos01 Apr 19208Kream Krisp Dept.
XLaTuque & Berlin01 Apr 19201Hockey games
XLaflammePete01 Apr 19205Cascade
XBeaudoinL.01 Apr 19201Hockey playerWent to LaTuque
XBaillargeonCy01 Apr 19208Kream Krisp Dept.
XBeaudoinL.01 Apr 19202Hockey playerGame in Canada
XArsenaultJohn D.01 Apr 19205CascadeFatal Accident

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

Last Name sort downsort upFirst Name sort downsort upDate sort downsort upPage sort downsort upEvent sort downsort up
BartonMr.01 Apr 19194
BenoitFrank01 Apr 19192
DugganJack01 Apr 19191
MarvoisJohn01 Apr 19194
LeGassie01 Apr 19194
FaganJim01 Apr 19191Banquet
McLellanHerbert01 Apr 19192
CorbinW. E.01 Apr 19191Banquet
CollabelliFrank01 Apr 19192Band rehearsal
Quebec River Driving01 Apr 19193River Driving
RahmanopF. W.01 Apr 19191Banquet
RahmanopMr.01 Apr 19194
Raeburn01 Apr 19191Banquet
ShipmanL. H.01 Apr 19194
HullA. K. Mrs.01 Apr 19191Banquet
SpearH. G.01 Apr 19191Banquet
Stevens01 Apr 19192Band Rehearsal
Wood01 Apr 19194
WashburnDave01 Apr 19194
Trembly01 Apr 19194
Victory Loan01 Apr 19194
Young01 Apr 19206
WhitcombHarold01 Apr 19206
EdwardsMr.01 Apr 19205
ForemanWhat is a01 Apr 192012Story on
Ellis01 Apr 19206
Fogerty01 Apr 19203Story on limestone
FleuryL.01 Apr 19201Went to LaTuque
ElliottMr.01 Apr 19205
Fagan01 Apr 19203Story on limestone
Fleury01 Apr 19202Game in Canada
EagenJ. H.01 Apr 19207
FogartyJohnny01 Apr 19206
BrewerByron01 Apr 19207
BrownOrrin01 Apr 19205Transfer
BrownPaddy01 Apr 19206
BrawnF. W.01 Apr 19205Was presented gold watch
BrownD. P.01 Apr 19202Game in Canada
BrownD. P.01 Apr 19201Made trip possible
BrownG.01 Apr 19201Went to LaTuque
BostwickConstance01 Apr 19208Tonsilitis
BrownG.01 Apr 19202Game in Canada
Lacroix01 Apr 19202Game in Canada
LauzeJos01 Apr 19208
LaTuque & Berlin01 Apr 19201
LaflammePete01 Apr 19205
BeaudoinL.01 Apr 19201Went to LaTuque
BaillargeonCy01 Apr 19208
BeaudoinL.01 Apr 19202Game in Canada
ArsenaultJohn D.01 Apr 19205Fatal Accident
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