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XAlbertStanley31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
XAubieBob31 Oct 19514Riverside MillPlays horseshoe
XBernierRosy31 Oct 19514Riverside Mill
XBilodeauLucien31 Oct 19514Burgess MillBack to work
XBrownWentworth31 Oct 19511Vice PresidentWorks on accident prevention
XBriggsJohn31 Oct 19514Chemical PlantOn vacation
XBergmanStuart31 Oct 19511Research Dept.Working on Fly-ash problemYes
XBerthiaumeDominique31 Oct 19512Bermico MillPeople at workYes
XCoutureRomeo31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
XDohertyMary31 Oct 19513Married Roger CantinWrite-up
XCraigGeorge31 Oct 19511Chief EngineerMakes announcement
XDaleBenny31 Oct 19514Burgess MillHunts birds
XCoutureRalph31 Oct 19514Riverside Mill
XDionGeorge31 Oct 19512Bermico MillPeople at workYes
XLafrancoisRene31 Oct 19514Riverside MillOn vacation
XLandersLeo31 Oct 19514Riverside MillPlays horseshoe
XLavoieLucien31 Oct 19514Riverside MillOut sick
XLaBonteJos.31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
XLaPointeJack31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
XLeBlancHeck31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
XLeBlanc31 Oct 19512Cartoonist
XFournierJoe31 Oct 19514Burgess MillHunts birds
XFleuryDorothy31 Oct 19513Married Gerard AubeWrite-up
XFortierPauline31 Oct 19513Towel RoomMarried Arthur TardiffWrite-up
XMcGillL.H.R. (Jack)31 Oct 19511Const. EngineerPromotion/Work history
XNoletFernando31 Oct 19514Burgess Mill
XParksHarold31 Oct 19514Cascade MillWent to the World Series
XMurphyErnest31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
XCommunity Club31 Oct 19514Grand OpeningAfter remodelingYes4 photos
XCorbinWilliam31 Oct 19511Former employeeDied recently/father of the papeYesLast photo taken
XChristiansonCharles31 Oct 19514Power/SteamGoes hunting
XChalouxVic31 Oct 19514Riverside Mill
XBuckovitchTony31 Oct 19514Burgess MillHas accident
XGivenW.L.31 Oct 19511Man. Ind. RelationsAppointment
XGirouardOliva31 Oct 19512Bermico MillPeople at workYes
XGouletEd31 Oct 19514Power/SteamGoes hunting
XRaymondW.B.31 Oct 19514Chemical PlantOn vacation
XPigeonMarcel31 Oct 19514Riverside MillHas new car
XRenaudEd31 Oct 19514Chemical PlantOn vacation
XPhilbrickE.D.31 Oct 19514Chemical PlantOn vacation
XRinesWally31 Oct 19514Riverside MillHas puffed lip
XShevlinEmmett31 Oct 19514Electrical CrewOut sick
XJohnsonSig31 Oct 19514Power/SteamGoes hunting
XHawkinsonRoyden31 Oct 19514Chemical PlantOn vacation
XHincheyRobert31 Oct 19514AttorneyFrom Berlin/visits the mill
XHansonArnold E. Dr.31 Oct 19511Ind. Relations committeeResigns from company
XSpringerVeronica31 Oct 19513Towel RoomMarried Charles DownesWrite-up
XTardiffGeorge31 Oct 19514Burgess MillHad heart attack
XTheriaultArthur31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
XSt.HilaireTony31 Oct 19514Chemical PlantIs a bowler

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

Last Name sort downsort upFirst Name sort downsort upDate sort downsort upPage sort downsort upEvent sort downsort up
AlbertStanley31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
AubieBob31 Oct 19514Plays horseshoe
BernierRosy31 Oct 19514
BilodeauLucien31 Oct 19514Back to work
BrownWentworth31 Oct 19511Works on accident prevention
BriggsJohn31 Oct 19514On vacation
BergmanStuart31 Oct 19511Working on Fly-ash problem
BerthiaumeDominique31 Oct 19512People at work
CoutureRomeo31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
DohertyMary31 Oct 19513Married Roger Cantin
CraigGeorge31 Oct 19511Makes announcement
DaleBenny31 Oct 19514Hunts birds
CoutureRalph31 Oct 19514
DionGeorge31 Oct 19512People at work
LafrancoisRene31 Oct 19514On vacation
LandersLeo31 Oct 19514Plays horseshoe
LavoieLucien31 Oct 19514Out sick
LaBonteJos.31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
LaPointeJack31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
LeBlancHeck31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
LeBlanc31 Oct 19512
FournierJoe31 Oct 19514Hunts birds
FleuryDorothy31 Oct 19513Married Gerard Aube
FortierPauline31 Oct 19513Married Arthur Tardiff
McGillL.H.R. (Jack)31 Oct 19511Promotion/Work history
NoletFernando31 Oct 19514
ParksHarold31 Oct 19514Went to the World Series
MurphyErnest31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
Community Club31 Oct 19514After remodeling
CorbinWilliam31 Oct 19511Died recently/father of the pape
ChristiansonCharles31 Oct 19514Goes hunting
ChalouxVic31 Oct 19514
BuckovitchTony31 Oct 19514Has accident
GivenW.L.31 Oct 19511Appointment
GirouardOliva31 Oct 19512People at work
GouletEd31 Oct 19514Goes hunting
RaymondW.B.31 Oct 19514On vacation
PigeonMarcel31 Oct 19514Has new car
RenaudEd31 Oct 19514On vacation
PhilbrickE.D.31 Oct 19514On vacation
RinesWally31 Oct 19514Has puffed lip
ShevlinEmmett31 Oct 19514Out sick
JohnsonSig31 Oct 19514Goes hunting
HawkinsonRoyden31 Oct 19514On vacation
HincheyRobert31 Oct 19514From Berlin/visits the mill
HansonArnold E. Dr.31 Oct 19511Resigns from company
SpringerVeronica31 Oct 19513Married Charles Downes
TardiffGeorge31 Oct 19514Had heart attack
TheriaultArthur31 Oct 19512Subject of cartoon
St.HilaireTony31 Oct 19514Is a bowler
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