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XYoungHarris01 May 195914Cascade Towel RoomHas new car
XYoungHarris01 Jul 195917Cascade Towel RoomOn vacation
XYoungHarris01 Jul 195918Towel Shipping Dept.On vacation
XYoungWendell01 Jul 195919Casc. Steam Plant SuperPoses with retireeYes
XYoungZilla01 Jul 195921Employment DeptMoved into new home
XYoungBeverly01 Sep 195914Labor RelationsOn vacation
XYoungWendell01 Nov 195912Super.Cascade SteamPoses with retireeYes
XYoungBeverly01 Nov 195918Personnel RelationsOn vacation
XYoungBeverly01 Mar 196013Industrial EngineeringGoes skiing
XYoungBeverly01 Mar 196015Industrial RelationsGoes skiing
XYoungBeverly01 Dec 19601SecretaryGoing on a European TripYes
XYoungWendall01 Mar 19611Power/SteamSuper. Poses with retireeYes
XYoungWendell01 Sep 19611Cascade Boiler HousePoses with retireeYes
XYoungHarris01 May 19621Towel RoomNew machine operator
XYoungWendell01 Dec 19621Cascade Steam TurbinePoses with retireeYes
XYoungWendall01 Apr 19641BowlerWinsYes
XYoung Eva01 May 192311Main Office
XYoung Men's Christian Associatio01 Jan 192720YMCA ClubOrganizes new boys clubs
XYoung Men's Christian Associatio01 Jun 19305Gives swimming lessonsWrite-up
XYoung StilesZilla01 Sep 195711Medical DeptKeeps records of accidentsYes
XYrutaDimitri01 Jun 192511Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Association
XZerrRay01 Feb 193023Tube MillWrote poem
XZimChas.01 Jun 19303Story/Ball Game in 1876
XZipper Cartons01 Jul 19593For towel customersA new way of packagingYesPhotos and story
XZirkelBill01 Sep 195919Lumber Prod. Div.Grader with Atlantic Lumber Co.
XZolnerckWm.01 Sep 19298Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief association
XZolnerickWilliam01 Aug 192010Sulphite MillAccident
X01 Feb 19318

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

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YoungHarris01 May 195914Has new car
YoungHarris01 Jul 195917On vacation
YoungHarris01 Jul 195918On vacation
YoungWendell01 Jul 195919Poses with retiree
YoungZilla01 Jul 195921Moved into new home
YoungBeverly01 Sep 195914On vacation
YoungWendell01 Nov 195912Poses with retiree
YoungBeverly01 Nov 195918On vacation
YoungBeverly01 Mar 196013Goes skiing
YoungBeverly01 Mar 196015Goes skiing
YoungBeverly01 Dec 19601Going on a European Trip
YoungWendall01 Mar 19611Super. Poses with retiree
YoungWendell01 Sep 19611Poses with retiree
YoungHarris01 May 19621New machine operator
YoungWendell01 Dec 19621Poses with retiree
YoungWendall01 Apr 19641Wins
Young Eva01 May 192311
Young Men's Christian Associatio01 Jan 192720Organizes new boys clubs
Young Men's Christian Associatio01 Jun 19305Gives swimming lessons
Young StilesZilla01 Sep 195711Keeps records of accidents
YrutaDimitri01 Jun 192511Burgess Relief Association
ZerrRay01 Feb 193023Wrote poem
ZimChas.01 Jun 19303Story/Ball Game in 1876
Zipper Cartons01 Jul 19593A new way of packaging
ZirkelBill01 Sep 195919Grader with Atlantic Lumber Co.
ZolnerckWm.01 Sep 19298Burgess Relief association
ZolnerickWilliam01 Aug 192010Accident
01 Feb 19318
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