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XYoungRalph19 Oct 19483Bowler
XYoungRalph30 Nov 19482Engineering DeptAttended meeting
XYoungRalph11 Jan 19493BowlerWinning club
XYoungRalph22 Mar 19491Instructor20 week course
XYoungWendell07 Mar 19503Takes part in radio show
XYoungW.15 Nov 19504Power/SteamTakes First-Aid Course
XYoungLeslie04 Apr 19514Bermico MillHas new baby boy
XYoungMarjorie30 May 19514Chemical PlantNew in the office
XYoungW.06 Sep 19512SupervisorInstallation No. 1 Paper Machine
XYoungEarle01 Aug 195215ChairmanBerlin's Annual Trade Fair
XYoungW.01 Nov 195210Power/SteamOn vacation
XYoungLeslie01 Feb 195414Bermico PlantBirth of a daughter
XYoungBeverly01 Jul 195411Steno-Clerk/BermicoSalaried Personnel Changes
XYoungWendell01 Oct 195415Supt. Casc.Steam PitSalaried Personnel Changes
XYoungBeverly01 Dec 195418StenographerSalaried Personnel Changes
XYoungBeverly01 Apr 195510Insurance DivisionRetirement GatheringYes
XYoungRobert F.S.01 Oct 19568Ind. Engineering Div.New employee/work historyYes
XYoungRobert01 Oct 19569Ind. GineeringAttends Industrial Man. Conf.
XYoungBeverly01 Oct 195618Credit DeptAttended Dinner partyYes
XYoungBob01 Nov 195618Ind. EngineeringGave blood
XYoungBeverly01 Feb 195711Senior StenoEnters insurance premiumnsYesPhoto on page 12
XYoungLeslie01 Feb 195716Bermico PlantNew to department
XYoungRobert01 Apr 195716Industrial EngineeringWill train for Ski Jumping
XYoungBeverly01 May 195718Central Order BillingAttended party
XYoungBev01 Jul 195718TabulatingWent on a trip
XYoungKenneth01 Sep 195717Bermico PlantMarried Ruth robinson
XYoungZilla Stiles01 Sep 195719Industrial RelationsNew bride
XYoungRobert01 Sep 195719Industrial EngineeringOn vacation
XYoungBob01 Oct 195714Industrial Eng.Goes fishing
XYoungWendall01 Nov 195711Super CascadeStory on steamYes
XYoungBeverly01 Nov 195717Main OfficePoses with retireeYes
XYoungBeverly01 Jan 195815Central Order BillingAttended Xmas partyYes
XYoungBeverly01 Jan 195816Labor RelationsAttended farewell party2 mentions
XYoungZilla01 Jan 195816Labor RelationsAttended farewell party
XYoungHarris01 Mar 195813Cascade MillHas new car
XYoungBeverly01 May 19587PersonnelReporter for BulletinAttends banYes
XYoungBob01 May 195812Industrial EngineeringVisited other millsElect. Board of Directors/Ind. E
XYoungLeslie01 May 195814Bermico MillPoses with retireeYes
XYoungLeslie01 Jul 195815Bermico MillPoses with retireeYes
XYoungBob01 Jul 195816Ind. EngineeringPresented program at convention
XYoungBev01 Jul 195817StenographicOn vacation
XYoungZilla01 Jul 195819Industrial RelationsAssumed new duties
XYoungWendell01 Sep 195814Cascade MillPoses with retireeYes
XYoungBeverly01 Sep 195816Central Order BillingWent to Jefferson for dinnerYes
XYoungBob01 Sep 195816Industrial EngineeringLeaving company
XYoungHarris01 Sep 195817Industrial RelationsOn vacation
XYoungBeverly01 Nov 195818Industrial RelationsWent to New York
XYoungZilla01 Nov 195818Industrial RelationsDeath in the family
XYoungZilla01 Jan 195914Industrial DoctorTransferred
XYoungLeslie01 May 19598Bermico MillSuggestion award

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

Last Name sort downsort upFirst Name sort downsort upDate sort downsort upPage sort downsort upEvent sort downsort up
YoungRalph19 Oct 19483
YoungRalph30 Nov 19482Attended meeting
YoungRalph11 Jan 19493Winning club
YoungRalph22 Mar 1949120 week course
YoungWendell07 Mar 19503Takes part in radio show
YoungW.15 Nov 19504Takes First-Aid Course
YoungLeslie04 Apr 19514Has new baby boy
YoungMarjorie30 May 19514New in the office
YoungW.06 Sep 19512Installation No. 1 Paper Machine
YoungEarle01 Aug 195215Berlin's Annual Trade Fair
YoungW.01 Nov 195210On vacation
YoungLeslie01 Feb 195414Birth of a daughter
YoungBeverly01 Jul 195411Salaried Personnel Changes
YoungWendell01 Oct 195415Salaried Personnel Changes
YoungBeverly01 Dec 195418Salaried Personnel Changes
YoungBeverly01 Apr 195510Retirement Gathering
YoungRobert F.S.01 Oct 19568New employee/work history
YoungRobert01 Oct 19569Attends Industrial Man. Conf.
YoungBeverly01 Oct 195618Attended Dinner party
YoungBob01 Nov 195618Gave blood
YoungBeverly01 Feb 195711Enters insurance premiumns
YoungLeslie01 Feb 195716New to department
YoungRobert01 Apr 195716Will train for Ski Jumping
YoungBeverly01 May 195718Attended party
YoungBev01 Jul 195718Went on a trip
YoungKenneth01 Sep 195717Married Ruth robinson
YoungZilla Stiles01 Sep 195719New bride
YoungRobert01 Sep 195719On vacation
YoungBob01 Oct 195714Goes fishing
YoungWendall01 Nov 195711Story on steam
YoungBeverly01 Nov 195717Poses with retiree
YoungBeverly01 Jan 195815Attended Xmas party
YoungBeverly01 Jan 195816Attended farewell party
YoungZilla01 Jan 195816Attended farewell party
YoungHarris01 Mar 195813Has new car
YoungBeverly01 May 19587Reporter for BulletinAttends ban
YoungBob01 May 195812Visited other mills
YoungLeslie01 May 195814Poses with retiree
YoungLeslie01 Jul 195815Poses with retiree
YoungBob01 Jul 195816Presented program at convention
YoungBev01 Jul 195817On vacation
YoungZilla01 Jul 195819Assumed new duties
YoungWendell01 Sep 195814Poses with retiree
YoungBeverly01 Sep 195816Went to Jefferson for dinner
YoungBob01 Sep 195816Leaving company
YoungHarris01 Sep 195817On vacation
YoungBeverly01 Nov 195818Went to New York
YoungZilla01 Nov 195818Death in the family
YoungZilla01 Jan 195914Transferred
YoungLeslie01 May 19598Suggestion award
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