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XYandowPaul01 Dec 192924ResearchHunting story
XYandowPaul01 Nov 19263SwimmerYMCA Swimming Program
XYandowPaul01 Jan 193024Tube Mill
XYandowPaul01 Sep 19307Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. relief Assoc.
XYandowPaul01 Apr 193022Tube MillSubject of cartoonYes
XYandowPaul01 Aug 193020Tube MillBack from vacation
XYandowPaul01 Mar 193018Tube Mill
XYandowEzra10 Aug 19484Onco PlantDied
XYatchMichael01 Jun 192610Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XYatchMichael01 Aug 192611Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XYatchMike01 Aug 192712Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XYatchMike01 Sep 192615Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XYatesJames Mr. Mrs.01 Nov 193012Research Dept
XYeatonWillis01 Sep 19294CounselerCamp Gordon at Umbagog Lake
XYensen01 Mar 192313Tube Mill #2
XYeoJimmy01 Apr 193023Tube MillMentioned in poem
XYMCA01 Nov 19194Skating Rink
XYMCA Summer Camp/Umbagog Lake01 Aug 1929813 PHOTOS OF Camp GordonYes
XYonkersJohn01 Nov 192517Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XYonkersJohn01 Oct 19259Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XYonkersJohn01 Jul 192410Sulphite Mill
XYonkersJohn C.01 Jun 19234Indemnity recipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XYonkersJohnny01 Jun 192922Sulphite mill
XYonkersJohnny13 Jun 19514Burgess MillGoes on vacation
XYonkersJohn01 Nov 195215Burgess MillRetires under new pension plan
XYorkBessie01 Oct 19259TeacherBrown Co. Kindergarten
XYorkBessie06 Jun 19193Dance TeacherShowBurgess Minstrels
XYorkDennis01 Sep 19303Mentioned in Gang Sawyer's storyby Freeman H. Sweetser
XYorkHarold01 May 192619DiamondScaler's Camp
XYorkHorace01 Jun 193013G.A.R. memberPhoto taken c. 1892Yes
XYorkHorace P.01 May 192716Francis D.Green Post 32 1888
XYorkJohn L.01 May 192716Francis D.Green Post 32 1888
XYorkJohn L.01 Jun 193013G.A.R. memberPhoto taken c. 1892Yes
XYorkMable01 Nov 192917StudentMarston School 1901Yes
XYorkBob06 Apr 19483Call FiremanGorham Fire
XYorkHarold30 Apr 19481Pulp Wood PurchaserYes
XYorkHarold21 Sep 19481Pulpwood BuyerLeaving companyWork history
XYorkRobert01 Aug 195210Cascade MillOn vacation
XYorkRobert01 Apr 195417Cascade MillWon town elections
XYorkRobert01 Jun 195413Cascade Boiler HouseUnsung Heroes of ProductionBoiler Operator
XYorkElmer01 Feb 195514Burgess/KraftNew to dept.
XYorkBob01 Mar 19611Power/SteamPoses with retireeYes
XYork Pond Fisheries Station01 Jun 19272Articleby A.H.DinsmoreYesPages 3 & 4
XYork Pond Forty-Five Years Ago01 Mar 19293Account of fishing trips Louville Paine
XYoung01 May 19275Band memberBurgess Band
XYoung01 Apr 19206Woods Dept.
XYoung01 Feb 192113Sulphite Mill
XYoungDealbon01 Jan 192612TeacherMentioned in Berlin storyby Louville Paine
XYoungEarl01 Jul 192312MemberBurgess Comedy Band
XYoungEarl Mr.01 Jun 192410AssistedGave concert/City Hall

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

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YandowPaul01 Dec 192924Hunting story
YandowPaul01 Nov 19263YMCA Swimming Program
YandowPaul01 Jan 193024
YandowPaul01 Sep 19307Brown Co. relief Assoc.
YandowPaul01 Apr 193022Subject of cartoon
YandowPaul01 Aug 193020Back from vacation
YandowPaul01 Mar 193018
YandowEzra10 Aug 19484Died
YatchMichael01 Jun 192610Burgess Relief Assoc.
YatchMichael01 Aug 192611Burgess Relief Assoc.
YatchMike01 Aug 192712Burgess Relief Assoc.
YatchMike01 Sep 192615Burgess Relief Assoc.
YatesJames Mr. Mrs.01 Nov 193012
YeatonWillis01 Sep 19294Camp Gordon at Umbagog Lake
Yensen01 Mar 192313
YeoJimmy01 Apr 193023Mentioned in poem
YMCA01 Nov 19194Skating Rink
YMCA Summer Camp/Umbagog Lake01 Aug 1929813 PHOTOS OF Camp Gordon
YonkersJohn01 Nov 192517Burgess Relief Assoc.
YonkersJohn01 Oct 19259Burgess Relief Assoc.
YonkersJohn01 Jul 192410
YonkersJohn C.01 Jun 19234Burgess Relief Assoc.
YonkersJohnny01 Jun 192922
YonkersJohnny13 Jun 19514Goes on vacation
YonkersJohn01 Nov 195215Retires under new pension plan
YorkBessie01 Oct 19259Brown Co. Kindergarten
YorkBessie06 Jun 19193Show
YorkDennis01 Sep 19303Mentioned in Gang Sawyer's story
YorkHarold01 May 192619Scaler's Camp
YorkHorace01 Jun 193013Photo taken c. 1892
YorkHorace P.01 May 192716Francis D.Green Post 32 1888
YorkJohn L.01 May 192716Francis D.Green Post 32 1888
YorkJohn L.01 Jun 193013Photo taken c. 1892
YorkMable01 Nov 192917Marston School 1901
YorkBob06 Apr 19483Gorham Fire
YorkHarold30 Apr 19481
YorkHarold21 Sep 19481Leaving company
YorkRobert01 Aug 195210On vacation
YorkRobert01 Apr 195417Won town elections
YorkRobert01 Jun 195413Unsung Heroes of Production
YorkElmer01 Feb 195514New to dept.
YorkBob01 Mar 19611Poses with retiree
York Pond Fisheries Station01 Jun 19272by A.H.Dinsmore
York Pond Forty-Five Years Ago01 Mar 19293Account of fishing trips etc.
Young01 May 19275Burgess Band
Young01 Apr 19206
Young01 Feb 192113
YoungDealbon01 Jan 192612Mentioned in Berlin story
YoungEarl01 Jul 192312Burgess Comedy Band
YoungEarl Mr.01 Jun 192410Gave concert/City Hall
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