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XWrightJohn01 Jul 192813Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XWrightJohn01 Sep 19307Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. relief Assoc.
XWrightJohn C.01 Aug 19297Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XWrightStella01 Nov 192917StudentMarston School 1901Yes
XWrightAnn Marie02 May 19502SecretaryBermico Sales DivisionYes
XWrightGloria01 Jun 195510Grand Prize WinnerSafety Essay ContestYesEssay on page 11
XWrightGeorge01 Jun 195511Burgess PlantDaughter is Grand Prize WinnerSafety Essay Contest
XWrightRichard01 Jan 195720Tractor OperatorSaved from harm wearing hard hat
XWrykaM.01 Mar 19287Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Association
XWrykaMarja01 Jan 192823Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Association
XWymanLevi01 Jun 19284Fishing PartyPhoto at Long Pond (Christine LaYes
XWynnMary Ellen19 Jun 19523QueenMiss Paper City Last yearlYes
XWysockiAlvin R.01 Nov 195516Industrial EngineerNew employee/work historyYes
XWysockiAlvin01 Nov 195518EngineerSalaried Personnel Changes
XWysockiPat01 Oct 195714Industrial Eng.Teaching his wife to drive
XWysockiPat01 Jan 195816Industrial EngineeringOn vacation2 mentions
XWysockiPat01 May 195812Industrial EngineeringGot her driver's license
XWysockiPat01 Jul 195816Ind. EngineeringSpeaker at convention
XWysockiPat01 Sep 195817Industrial EngineeringHas a new puppy
XWysockiPat and Mrs.01 Jan 195913Main OfficesSang at party
XWysockiPat01 Sep 195913Industrial EngineeringLeaving company
XWysockiPat01 Mar 196013Industrial EngineeringFormer employee
XXiliaJohn01 Jan 192612StudentMentioned in Berlin storyby Louville Paine
XY.M.C.A.Berlin01 Jan 192817Program on events
XY.M.C.A. Bridge01 Sep 19211Lateer called Community BrigeYesI. P. log piles in background
XY.M.C.A. Drive01 Oct 19273History of and photosYesPages 3-4-5-6
XY.M.C.A. Field01 Jun 19236Being seededPages 6&7 Write-up
XY.M.C.A. Junior Leaders corps01 Sep 19295AthletesPhoto with namesYes
XY.M.C.A.Gymnasium01 Sep 19295Schedule of events
XYandow01 Feb 192722PlayerNew Hockey Team
XYandowDavid01 Jul 192917Research Dept.Member of cast/Centennial Parade
XYandowDavid01 Sep 192910Research DeptGone back to school
XYandowDavid01 Aug 19275Research DeptNew employee
XYandowDavid01 Sep 192716Bureau of testsGot injured
XYandowDavid01 Oct 192510CampersCamp Gordon/Y.M.C.A.
XYandowDavid01 Aug 192613Research DeptNew Employee
XYandowE.01 May 193019Tour foreman
XYandowE.I.01 Dec 19258Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XYandowEzra01 Sep 192911Tube Mill Foreman
XYandowEzra01 Oct 192623Tube MillTour foreman on Dryers
XYandowEzra01 Dec 192212Saw MillPromotion
XYandowEzra01 Aug 193022Tube Mill
XYandowMadeline01 Oct 192524Good FlowersGarden Contest
XYandowMadeline01 Oct 19265Prize GardenBerlin Front Yard Gardens
XYandowMarie Ann01 Sep 193016Won first prizeAnnual Doll Carriage ParadeYes
XYandowMrs.01 Dec 192714Jolliette Club/Halloween Party
XYandowPaul01 Dec 193016Tube Mill
XYandowPaul01 Sep 193016Tube Mill
XYandowPaul01 Sep 193018Tube MillPoem written about him
XYandowPaul01 Nov 192919Tube MillMentioned in poem

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

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WrightJohn01 Jul 192813Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
WrightJohn01 Sep 19307Brown Co. relief Assoc.
WrightJohn C.01 Aug 19297Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
WrightStella01 Nov 192917Marston School 1901
WrightAnn Marie02 May 19502Bermico Sales Division
WrightGloria01 Jun 195510Safety Essay Contest
WrightGeorge01 Jun 195511Daughter is Grand Prize Winner
WrightRichard01 Jan 195720Saved from harm wearing hard hat
WrykaM.01 Mar 19287Burgess Relief Association
WrykaMarja01 Jan 192823Burgess Relief Association
WymanLevi01 Jun 19284Photo at Long Pond (Christine La
WynnMary Ellen19 Jun 19523Miss Paper City Last yearl
WysockiAlvin R.01 Nov 195516New employee/work history
WysockiAlvin01 Nov 195518Salaried Personnel Changes
WysockiPat01 Oct 195714Teaching his wife to drive
WysockiPat01 Jan 195816On vacation
WysockiPat01 May 195812Got her driver's license
WysockiPat01 Jul 195816Speaker at convention
WysockiPat01 Sep 195817Has a new puppy
WysockiPat and Mrs.01 Jan 195913Sang at party
WysockiPat01 Sep 195913Leaving company
WysockiPat01 Mar 196013Former employee
XiliaJohn01 Jan 192612Mentioned in Berlin story
Y.M.C.A.Berlin01 Jan 192817Program on events
Y.M.C.A. Bridge01 Sep 19211Lateer called Community Brige
Y.M.C.A. Drive01 Oct 19273History of and photos
Y.M.C.A. Field01 Jun 19236Being seeded
Y.M.C.A. Junior Leaders corps01 Sep 19295Photo with names
Y.M.C.A.Gymnasium01 Sep 19295Schedule of events
Yandow01 Feb 192722New Hockey Team
YandowDavid01 Jul 192917Member of cast/Centennial Parade
YandowDavid01 Sep 192910Gone back to school
YandowDavid01 Aug 19275New employee
YandowDavid01 Sep 192716Got injured
YandowDavid01 Oct 192510Camp Gordon/Y.M.C.A.
YandowDavid01 Aug 192613New Employee
YandowE.01 May 193019
YandowE.I.01 Dec 19258Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
YandowEzra01 Sep 192911
YandowEzra01 Oct 192623Tour foreman on Dryers
YandowEzra01 Dec 192212Promotion
YandowEzra01 Aug 193022
YandowMadeline01 Oct 192524Garden Contest
YandowMadeline01 Oct 19265Berlin Front Yard Gardens
YandowMarie Ann01 Sep 193016Annual Doll Carriage Parade
YandowMrs.01 Dec 192714Jolliette Club/Halloween Party
YandowPaul01 Dec 193016
YandowPaul01 Sep 193016
YandowPaul01 Sep 193018Poem written about him
YandowPaul01 Nov 192919Mentioned in poem
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