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XAbramsonEdmund01 Oct 192510CamperCamp Gordon/Y.M.C.A.
XAbramsonMiss01 Sep 192617Research DeptOn vacation
XAbramsonRobert01 Dec 19263BowlerYMCA League
XAbramsonSonia01 Apr 192616ActorResearch TableauYes
XAbramsonSonia01 Mar 19268Research Dept.Party at Y.M.C.A./Participant
XAbramsonSonia Miss01 Nov 192819Research DeptLeft to work in Boston
XAccardiJoseph01 Jul 192910Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAccardiJoseph01 Aug 19296Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAccardiJohnnie18 May 19483Burgess MillPressman
XAccardiJohn01 Nov 195319Towel RoomOn vacation
XAccardiJohn01 Apr 19544Finished courseFirst -aid training
XAccardiJohn01 Aug 195519Towel RoomWent to a wedding
XAccardiJeannette01 Dec 195512InterviewedFirst Open HouseYes
XAccardiJohn01 Jan 195611Cascade MillSafety Committee
XAccardiJohn01 Jul 19569On CommitteeAnnual negotiation committeefor the union
XAccardiJohn01 May 19576Member/Mutual Interest BoardYes
XAccardiJohn01 Jan 195817Cascade Towel RoomOn vacation
XAccardiJohn01 Sep 195818Cascade Towel RoomPoses with retireeYes
XAccardiJeanette01 Jul 195918Cascade Towel RoomOn vacation
XAccident Experience of Brown Co.01 Feb 193014Accident statictics & chartsYesPages 14 & 15
XAccident Record Made in Feb.New01 Mar 19307Chemical Mill holds Safety Penna
XAdairFelix01 May 192622Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAdamsChas.01 Jun 19284Fishing PartyPhoto at Long Pond (Christine LaYes
XAdamsG.01 Nov 19203HosemenSulphite Fire Dept.
XAdamsGeo.01 Jun 19284Fishing PartyPhoto at Long Pond (Christine LaYes
XAdamsGeo.01 Sep 192521Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAdamsGeorge01 May 192922Sulphite Mill
XAdamsGeorge01 Dec 192922
XAdamsGeorge01 Apr 192826Sulphite MillSafety-Committee
XAdamsGeorge01 Sep 192615Sulphite Mill
XAdamsGeorge01 May 192510Sulphite Digester H.Had surgery
XAdamsGeorge01 Jul 19223Sulphite MillServed in World War 1Applied for Victory medal
XAdamsGeorge W.01 Feb 192714Card of Thanks
XAdamsGeorge W. Mr. Mrs.01 Nov 19268Sulphite MillCard of Thanks
XAdamsPhilip01 Dec 192717Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAdamsArmand01 Jun 19483Solka Floc PlantHandling and Loading
XAdamsGeorge29 Jun 19482Burgess MillHis sons graduate BHS
XAdamsF.10 Aug 19483Finishing DeptCoupling Leader
XAdamsGeorge07 Sep 19482Burgess MillOn vacation
XAdamsGeorge05 Oct 19482Burgess MillPurchased a car
XAdamsGeorge22 May 19524Burgess MillSon getting married
XAdamsGeorge03 May 19494Painter
XAdamsFelix09 Aug 19494Bermico div.Meet Your NeighborYes
XAdamsSherman08 Aug 19504GovernorWent fishingYes
XAdamsGeorge20 Sep 19502PaintingShown at workYes
XAdamsFelix01 Nov 19502Bermico DivDeath in the fammily
XAdamsFelix21 Mar 19514Bermico MillHas new grand-daughter
XAdamsAlbert12 Jul 19514'Main OfficeLocated in the CRO building
XAdamsAl01 Aug 195212Softball playerPlayed on Joe Chevarie NightYes
XAdamsStanley T.01 Aug 195220ServicemanMedal of Honor Rec.YesStory

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

Last Name sort downsort upFirst Name sort downsort upDate sort downsort upPage sort downsort upEvent sort downsort up
AbramsonEdmund01 Oct 192510Camp Gordon/Y.M.C.A.
AbramsonMiss01 Sep 192617On vacation
AbramsonRobert01 Dec 19263YMCA League
AbramsonSonia01 Apr 192616Research Tableau
AbramsonSonia01 Mar 19268Party at Y.M.C.A./Participant
AbramsonSonia Miss01 Nov 192819Left to work in Boston
AccardiJoseph01 Jul 192910Burgess Relief Assoc.
AccardiJoseph01 Aug 19296Burgess Relief Assoc.
AccardiJohnnie18 May 19483Pressman
AccardiJohn01 Nov 195319On vacation
AccardiJohn01 Apr 19544First -aid training
AccardiJohn01 Aug 195519Went to a wedding
AccardiJeannette01 Dec 195512First Open House
AccardiJohn01 Jan 195611Safety Committee
AccardiJohn01 Jul 19569Annual negotiation committee
AccardiJohn01 May 19576Member/Mutual Interest Board
AccardiJohn01 Jan 195817On vacation
AccardiJohn01 Sep 195818Poses with retiree
AccardiJeanette01 Jul 195918On vacation
Accident Experience of Brown Co.01 Feb 193014Accident statictics & charts
Accident Record Made in Feb.New01 Mar 19307Chemical Mill holds Safety Penna
AdairFelix01 May 192622Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AdamsChas.01 Jun 19284Photo at Long Pond (Christine La
AdamsG.01 Nov 19203Sulphite Fire Dept.
AdamsGeo.01 Jun 19284Photo at Long Pond (Christine La
AdamsGeo.01 Sep 192521Burgess Relief Assoc.
AdamsGeorge01 May 192922
AdamsGeorge01 Dec 192922
AdamsGeorge01 Apr 192826Safety-Committee
AdamsGeorge01 Sep 192615
AdamsGeorge01 May 192510Had surgery
AdamsGeorge01 Jul 19223Served in World War 1
AdamsGeorge W.01 Feb 192714Card of Thanks
AdamsGeorge W. Mr. Mrs.01 Nov 19268Card of Thanks
AdamsPhilip01 Dec 192717Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AdamsArmand01 Jun 19483Handling and Loading
AdamsGeorge29 Jun 19482His sons graduate BHS
AdamsF.10 Aug 19483Coupling Leader
AdamsGeorge07 Sep 19482On vacation
AdamsGeorge05 Oct 19482Purchased a car
AdamsGeorge22 May 19524Son getting married
AdamsGeorge03 May 19494
AdamsFelix09 Aug 19494Meet Your Neighbor
AdamsSherman08 Aug 19504Went fishing
AdamsGeorge20 Sep 19502Shown at work
AdamsFelix01 Nov 19502Death in the fammily
AdamsFelix21 Mar 19514Has new grand-daughter
AdamsAlbert12 Jul 19514Located in the CRO building
AdamsAl01 Aug 195212Played on Joe Chevarie Night
AdamsStanley T.01 Aug 195220Medal of Honor Rec.
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