Brown Bulletin Index

XAlatiTony (Barry)01 Mar 19257Nibroc News
XAlatiMary23 Mar 19483Planning Dept.New employee
XAlatiMary07 Sep 19482Woods DeptNew employee
XAlatiAntonio28 Dec 19482Cascade MillDied
XAlatiMary28 Dec 19482Woods DeptDeath in the family
XAlatiMary11 Jan 19494Woods DeptEngaged to George Roderick
XAlatiLorraine01 Jul 195618Main OfficeSub on switchboard
XAlatiLorraine01 Sep 195610Office Service DeptBruning CopyflexYes
XAlatiLorraine01 Sep 195618Mailroom DeptAttends farewell dinnerYes
XAlatiLorraine01 Dec 195618Cascade MillWorking in office
XAlatiLorraine01 Apr 195716Cascade MillPoses with retireeYes
XAlatiLorraine01 May 195718Cascade OfficeAttended Dinner PartyYes
XAlatiLorraine01 Oct 195715Cascade MillTransferred
XAlatiLorraine01 Nov 195712Cascade MillTransferred
XAlatiLorraine01 Jan 195815Main OfficeAttended farewell partyYes
XAlatiLorraine01 Mar 195812Cascade MillEngaged to Dan Daley
XAlatiLorraine01 May 19587Cascade MillReporter for BulletinAttends banYes
XAlatiLorraine01 Sep 195813Cascade OfficeTransferred2 mentions
XAlatiLorraine01 May 195914Cascade MillOn vacation
XAlatiLorraine01 Jul 195922Cascade OfficePlaying cowboy roleYes
XAlatiLorraine01 Sep 195917Cascade MillOn vacation
XAlatiLorraine01 Nov 195913Cascade MillGoes on trip
XAlatiLorraine01 Jan 196010CascadeBowlsYes
XAlatiLorraine01 Mar 196013Industrial EngineeringGoes skiing
XAlbaughCatherine01 Jul 192717Cutter RoomBack to work
XAlbaughK.01 Jul 192413Cascade MillSubject of cartoonYes
XAlbaughKathleen01 Aug 192716Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAlbaughKathleen01 Oct 192811Cutter Room
XAlbaughKathleen01 Nov 192510Cutter Room
XAlbaughKitty01 Sep 192925Cutter Room
XAlbaughKitty01 Aug 192716Cutter Room
XAlbaughKathy01 Sep 195813Cascade TowelPosed with honoreeYes
XAlbaugh LynchKathleen01 Mar 19606Paper FinishingStory and photoYes
XAlbert01 Feb 19236CookStore Clerk's outing
XAlbertAdelard01 Apr 192814Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAlbertAdelard01 May 192824Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAlbertAdelard01 Mar 19287Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Association
XAlbertAdelard01 Jul 19223Sulphite MillServed in World War 1Applied for Victory medal
XAlbertAlfred01 Apr 193015YardGot injured
XAlbertBlack Jack01 Apr 192219Blacksmith Shop
XAlbertBlond Jack01 Dec 192211Blacksmith Shop
XAlbertBlondy Jack01 Mar 192313Blacksmith Shop
XAlbertEmile01 May 192913Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAlbertFloren01 Jul 192511Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAlbertFloren01 Oct 192624Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAlbertFrank01 Aug 192911OfficeSon drowned
XAlbertFrank01 Jun 192714Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAlbertFrank01 Nov 19269Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAlbertFrank01 Oct 192620Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAlbertFrank01 Sep 192615Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

Last Name sort downsort upFirst Name sort downsort upDate sort downsort upPage sort downsort upEvent sort downsort up
AlatiTony (Barry)01 Mar 19257
AlatiMary23 Mar 19483New employee
AlatiMary07 Sep 19482New employee
AlatiAntonio28 Dec 19482Died
AlatiMary28 Dec 19482Death in the family
AlatiMary11 Jan 19494Engaged to George Roderick
AlatiLorraine01 Jul 195618Sub on switchboard
AlatiLorraine01 Sep 195610Bruning Copyflex
AlatiLorraine01 Sep 195618Attends farewell dinner
AlatiLorraine01 Dec 195618Working in office
AlatiLorraine01 Apr 195716Poses with retiree
AlatiLorraine01 May 195718Attended Dinner Party
AlatiLorraine01 Oct 195715Transferred
AlatiLorraine01 Nov 195712Transferred
AlatiLorraine01 Jan 195815Attended farewell party
AlatiLorraine01 Mar 195812Engaged to Dan Daley
AlatiLorraine01 May 19587Reporter for BulletinAttends ban
AlatiLorraine01 Sep 195813Transferred
AlatiLorraine01 May 195914On vacation
AlatiLorraine01 Jul 195922Playing cowboy role
AlatiLorraine01 Sep 195917On vacation
AlatiLorraine01 Nov 195913Goes on trip
AlatiLorraine01 Jan 196010Bowls
AlatiLorraine01 Mar 196013Goes skiing
AlbaughCatherine01 Jul 192717Back to work
AlbaughK.01 Jul 192413Subject of cartoon
AlbaughKathleen01 Aug 192716Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AlbaughKathleen01 Oct 192811
AlbaughKathleen01 Nov 192510
AlbaughKitty01 Sep 192925
AlbaughKitty01 Aug 192716
AlbaughKathy01 Sep 195813Posed with honoree
Albaugh LynchKathleen01 Mar 19606Story and photo
Albert01 Feb 19236Store Clerk's outing
AlbertAdelard01 Apr 192814Burgess Relief Assoc.
AlbertAdelard01 May 192824Burgess Relief Assoc.
AlbertAdelard01 Mar 19287Burgess Relief Association
AlbertAdelard01 Jul 19223Served in World War 1
AlbertAlfred01 Apr 193015Got injured
AlbertBlack Jack01 Apr 192219
AlbertBlond Jack01 Dec 192211
AlbertBlondy Jack01 Mar 192313
AlbertEmile01 May 192913Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AlbertFloren01 Jul 192511Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AlbertFloren01 Oct 192624Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AlbertFrank01 Aug 192911Son drowned
AlbertFrank01 Jun 192714Burgess Relief Assoc.
AlbertFrank01 Nov 19269Burgess Relief Assoc.
AlbertFrank01 Oct 192620Burgess Relief Assoc.
AlbertFrank01 Sep 192615Burgess Relief Assoc.
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