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XAikenR.G.01 Oct 192818Research DeptGone back to school
XAikensDave01 Nov 192814Pod Auger Memories of 1904Yes
XAikensWilliam01 Nov 19246Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAikensWilliam01 Jun 192411Sulphite Mill
XAikensWilliam D.01 Jan 192510Sulphite Bleach WrapperPromotion
XAikensClifford J.18 May 19484PrivateUnited States Army/ DiedWorld War 2
XAikensBilly01 Aug 19534Digester HouseDied
XAikensDavid01 May 195417Burgess/KraftNew in dept.
XAikensDavid01 Aug 195418Burgess/KraftNew at Burgess Mill
XAikensShirley01 Jun 195712VisitorGolden Agers Open HouseYes
XAinsworthEdna01 Mar 193021Got married
XAinsworthLenard01 Apr 192816Sulphite MillAdd for marriage/silhouetteYes
XAinsworthLeonard01 Oct 192915OfficeBirth of daughter
XAinsworthLeonard01 Mar 192920Recording Gauge DeptMarried Evelyn Bishop
XAinsworthLeonard01 Jun 192923Sulphite Mill
XAinsworthLeonard01 Sep 192715Recording Gauge
XAinsworthLeonard01 May 192815Sulphite Mill
XAinsworthLeonard01 Aug 192813Sulphite MillRecording Gauge Dept
XAinsworthLeonard01 Apr 193011Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAinsworthLeonard01 Mar 19308Indemnity RecipientBurgess Relief Assoc.
XAinsworthLeonard & Helen01 Dec 192920Card of Thanks
XAinsworthLeonard A.01 May 192920OfficeCard of thanks
XAinsworthMr.01 Feb 192911Sulphite Mill
XAinsworthL.18 Apr 19504Taking courseIn Instrument contrilYes
XAinsworthLeonard01 Dec 19558Honoring co-worker /retiringYes
XAinsworthLeonard01 Feb 19576Recording Gauge D.Checks InstreumentaYes
XAinsworthLeonard01 Mar 195717Recording GaugeBought a new boat & trailer
XAinsworthLeonard01 Apr 195714Recording GaugeIs an outdoorsman
XAinsworthLeonard01 Oct 195712Recording GaugeOn vacation
XAinsworthLeonard01 Jan 195917Recording GaugeBecame a grandfather
XAinsworthLeonard01 Sep 195917Recording GaugeOn vacation
XAinsworthLeonard01 Jan 196018Recording GaugeProud Grandparents
XAinsworthLeonard01 Dec 19631Instrumentation DeptPoses with retireeYes
XAirstrips on Company Land01 Nov 19574In Pontook and Grafton NotchYes
XAitkenGordon01 Jun 19278Research DeptNew employee
XAitkenGordon01 Jul 192718Research Dept.Worked in LaTuque
XAitkenR.G.01 Jun 192814Research DeptSummer employee
XAitkinGordon01 Oct 192715Research Dept.Gone back to school
XAkersVictor30 Apr 19481Pulp Wood PurchaserYes
XAkersVic17 May 19492Pulpwood BuyerHas episode with goats
XAkinsDave12 Jul 19514Burgess MillNow a US Marine
XAkinsBill12 Jul 19514Burgess MillWent visiting
XAlaireJennie04 Apr 19514Towel roomNew employee
XAlatiMr.01 Mar 192126MusicianCascade Mill Mandolin ClubYesShort bio.
XAlatiToni01 Mar 19266MemberCascade Mandolin Club
XAlatiToni01 Mar 19248Indemnity Rec.Brown Co, Relief assoc.
XAlatiTony01 Jul 192818Musicianof new Brown Co. Band
XAlatiTony01 May 192412Tenor Sax.Burgess Band Concert at YMCA
XAlatiTony01 Jun 192417Assisted Orchestrafarewell party for Ralph McKinne
XAlatiTony01 Feb 19308Indemnity RecipientBrown co. Relief Assoc.

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

Last Name sort downsort upFirst Name sort downsort upDate sort downsort upPage sort downsort upEvent sort downsort up
AikenR.G.01 Oct 192818Gone back to school
AikensDave01 Nov 192814Pod Auger Memories of 1904
AikensWilliam01 Nov 19246Burgess Relief Assoc.
AikensWilliam01 Jun 192411
AikensWilliam D.01 Jan 192510Promotion
AikensClifford J.18 May 19484United States Army/ Died
AikensBilly01 Aug 19534Died
AikensDavid01 May 195417New in dept.
AikensDavid01 Aug 195418New at Burgess Mill
AikensShirley01 Jun 195712Golden Agers Open House
AinsworthEdna01 Mar 193021Got married
AinsworthLenard01 Apr 192816Add for marriage/silhouette
AinsworthLeonard01 Oct 192915Birth of daughter
AinsworthLeonard01 Mar 192920Married Evelyn Bishop
AinsworthLeonard01 Jun 192923
AinsworthLeonard01 Sep 192715
AinsworthLeonard01 May 192815
AinsworthLeonard01 Aug 192813Recording Gauge Dept
AinsworthLeonard01 Apr 193011Burgess Relief Assoc.
AinsworthLeonard01 Mar 19308Burgess Relief Assoc.
AinsworthLeonard & Helen01 Dec 192920Card of Thanks
AinsworthLeonard A.01 May 192920Card of thanks
AinsworthMr.01 Feb 192911
AinsworthL.18 Apr 19504In Instrument contril
AinsworthLeonard01 Dec 19558Honoring co-worker /retiring
AinsworthLeonard01 Feb 19576Checks Instreumenta
AinsworthLeonard01 Mar 195717Bought a new boat & trailer
AinsworthLeonard01 Apr 195714Is an outdoorsman
AinsworthLeonard01 Oct 195712On vacation
AinsworthLeonard01 Jan 195917Became a grandfather
AinsworthLeonard01 Sep 195917On vacation
AinsworthLeonard01 Jan 196018Proud Grandparents
AinsworthLeonard01 Dec 19631Poses with retiree
Airstrips on Company Land01 Nov 19574In Pontook and Grafton Notch
AitkenGordon01 Jun 19278New employee
AitkenGordon01 Jul 192718Worked in LaTuque
AitkenR.G.01 Jun 192814Summer employee
AitkinGordon01 Oct 192715Gone back to school
AkersVictor30 Apr 19481
AkersVic17 May 19492Has episode with goats
AkinsDave12 Jul 19514Now a US Marine
AkinsBill12 Jul 19514Went visiting
AlaireJennie04 Apr 19514New employee
AlatiMr.01 Mar 192126Cascade Mill Mandolin Club
AlatiToni01 Mar 19266Cascade Mandolin Club
AlatiToni01 Mar 19248Brown Co, Relief assoc.
AlatiTony01 Jul 192818of new Brown Co. Band
AlatiTony01 May 192412Burgess Band Concert at YMCA
AlatiTony01 Jun 192417farewell party for Ralph McKinne
AlatiTony01 Feb 19308Brown co. Relief Assoc.
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