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XAddarioValentino01 Feb 19257Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAddarioValentino01 May 192913Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAddarioValentino01 Oct 19307Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc..
XAddarioValentino01 Sep 192823Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAddarioValentino01 Oct 192716Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAddarioValentino06 Sep 19491Retires
XAddarioJohn11 Jul 19503Cascade MillMr. Nibroc Crew breaks recordYes
XAddarioA.01 Sep 195210Chemical/FlocHas baby boy
XAddarioJohn01 Oct 19621Cascade MillWon fishing contest
XAddario J. & T.01 Jul 192822Plays ballBaseball Team
XAddelsonBillie01 Nov 192917StudentMarston School 1901Yes
XAddlesonLena01 May 193013GraduateBerlin High School 1912Yes
XAdellHarry01 Nov 193014Tube MillSubject of cartoonYes
XAdellHarry01 Jan 192919Tube Mill
XAdellHarry01 Nov 193013Tube Mill
XAdellHarry01 Oct 193016No. 3 dryer
XAdellHarry01 Sep 193016Tube Mill
XAdellHarry01 Aug 193021Tube Mill
XAdleyMrs.01 Jul 19298CookMentioned in story of Pat HayesDriving on the Maggaloway River
XAdvantages of Evening Schools01 Jan 19243Article by Margaret T. Mahaney
XAdvertisements01 Aug 195314ProductsDifferent Ads for magazinesYes
XAdvertisingInstitutional01 Mar 192420Brown Co. Advertising Dept
XAerial Survey18 May 19481Company first in the nation to u
XAeroplane First in Berlin/Gorham01 May 192823ArticleFrom Shorey Studio filesYesIn Cascade Park in1914
XAgnewWilliam J.01 Nov 19227Steam Crane EngineerWorking record fo Brown Co.Yes
XAgostinRomolo01 Feb 192922Yard
XAgostiniRomolo01 Feb 193017YardOut sick
XAgrodnia01 Dec 193019Basketball playerAlumni Team
XAgrodnia01 Dec 193019Basketball playerBerlin High School Team
XAgrodnia01 Mar 193118'Girls Basketball player
XAgrodniaMax01 Oct 192510CamperCamp Gordon/Y.M.C.A.
XAgrodniaMike01 Oct 192510CamperCamp Gordon/Y.M.C.A.
XAgrodniaMike01 Nov 19263SwimmerYMCA Swimming Program
XAgrodniaMike23 Mar 19483Bowler
XAgrodniaMichael04 May 19481Research DeptFly-Tyers Meeting/Community Club
XAgrodniaMike04 May 19483Bowler
XAgrodniaMike02 Nov 19483Bowler
XAgrodniaMike06 Sep 19494Research DeptOn sports committeeLabor Day Festivities
XAgrodniaMike16 May 19502BowlerGets award/Bowling Banquet
XAgrodniaMike16 May 19503BowlerWinner/Research LeagueYes
XAgrodniaMike01 Sep 195211Research/DevelopmentOn vacation
XAgrodniaMike01 Oct 195211Research/DevelopmentAttende college game
XAgrodniaMike01 Sep 195518Research /DevelopmentOn vacation
XAgrodniaMike01 Jul 195716Research/DevelopmentBack to work
XAgrodniaMike01 Sep 195813Research/DevelopmentOn vacation
XAibieJos.01 Jul 192722Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAiellioTheresa18 Apr 19503Burgess MillReplacing
XAielloJohn01 Jan 192814Of the pond
XAielloJohn01 Feb 19287Indemnity RecipientBrown Co. Relief Assoc.
XAikenIsabel01 Oct 192524Good FlowersGarden Contest

The volunteers at Berlin & Coos County Historical Society have indexed the Brown Bulletin articles by employee name and the index is now available on-line.

This is a list of all entries in the index.  To search this index please use the search tool on the New Brown Bulletin Index Search Page.

Last Name sort downsort upFirst Name sort downsort upDate sort downsort upPage sort downsort upEvent sort downsort up
AddarioValentino01 Feb 19257Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AddarioValentino01 May 192913Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AddarioValentino01 Oct 19307Brown Co. Relief Assoc..
AddarioValentino01 Sep 192823Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AddarioValentino01 Oct 192716Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AddarioValentino06 Sep 19491Retires
AddarioJohn11 Jul 19503Mr. Nibroc Crew breaks record
AddarioA.01 Sep 195210Has baby boy
AddarioJohn01 Oct 19621Won fishing contest
Addario J. & T.01 Jul 192822Baseball Team
AddelsonBillie01 Nov 192917Marston School 1901
AddlesonLena01 May 193013Berlin High School 1912
AdellHarry01 Nov 193014Subject of cartoon
AdellHarry01 Jan 192919
AdellHarry01 Nov 193013
AdellHarry01 Oct 193016
AdellHarry01 Sep 193016
AdellHarry01 Aug 193021
AdleyMrs.01 Jul 19298Mentioned in story of Pat Hayes
Advantages of Evening Schools01 Jan 19243Article by Margaret T. Mahaney
Advertisements01 Aug 195314Different Ads for magazines
AdvertisingInstitutional01 Mar 192420Brown Co. Advertising Dept
Aerial Survey18 May 19481Company first in the nation to u
Aeroplane First in Berlin/Gorham01 May 192823From Shorey Studio files
AgnewWilliam J.01 Nov 19227Working record fo Brown Co.
AgostinRomolo01 Feb 192922
AgostiniRomolo01 Feb 193017Out sick
Agrodnia01 Dec 193019Alumni Team
Agrodnia01 Dec 193019Berlin High School Team
Agrodnia01 Mar 193118Girls Basketball player
AgrodniaMax01 Oct 192510Camp Gordon/Y.M.C.A.
AgrodniaMike01 Oct 192510Camp Gordon/Y.M.C.A.
AgrodniaMike01 Nov 19263YMCA Swimming Program
AgrodniaMike23 Mar 19483
AgrodniaMichael04 May 19481Fly-Tyers Meeting/Community Club
AgrodniaMike04 May 19483
AgrodniaMike02 Nov 19483
AgrodniaMike06 Sep 19494On sports committee
AgrodniaMike16 May 19502Gets award/Bowling Banquet
AgrodniaMike16 May 19503Winner/Research League
AgrodniaMike01 Sep 195211On vacation
AgrodniaMike01 Oct 195211Attende college game
AgrodniaMike01 Sep 195518On vacation
AgrodniaMike01 Jul 195716Back to work
AgrodniaMike01 Sep 195813On vacation
AibieJos.01 Jul 192722Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AiellioTheresa18 Apr 19503Replacing
AielloJohn01 Jan 192814
AielloJohn01 Feb 19287Brown Co. Relief Assoc.
AikenIsabel01 Oct 192524Garden Contest
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